Sunday, August 19, 2007

No Neoflash Entry :(

Oh well looks like none of my current projects are going to be ready for this neoflash competition, it's a shame that I couldn't have finished the FPS demo i had been working on.

I thought I'd have started coding the game engine by now but I'm still planning the structure of the engine. Several changes are happening to the original plan an example being the object/player/bot/projectile management code is now all to be re-written aswell. I think I can make it a bit more efficient at only updating thing while they are within a certain proximity of the player.

I'm also beginning to think that moving to c++ so that I can build the engine in an object orieted way might be a good idea.

I have modified the map editor to build the map as a 3d bsp tree which is better, it also now automatically generates the light map textures. Whether these textures are actually correct for the surfaces is not yet known as I haven't started writing the rendering part of the game engine as yet.

Till next post, see ya later :)

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